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Anyone who can produce a sound out of their mouth can sing, and many people tend to believe that singing comes natural and easy. While singing does come natural and easy, singing well takes a lot of practice, and singing very well takes a lot of practice and knowledge. Our vocal lessons revolve around teaching you that knowledge to develop your vocal skills, as well as spending some time practicing in-depth on songs of your liking. The further we get into your music journey, the more we will start to create and develop your own singing style.


The guitar is considered the instrument of rock, and while it does excel in that genre it has put its mark on other aspects of music as well. Together with the piano, the guitar is one of only two instruments that excels at playing harmonies. But unlike the piano, the guitar is easier to transport, and therefore makes the perfect instrument for spontaneous entertainment. There are a lot of diffrent subjects to cover in the guitar world, and we are dedicated and committed to guide and motivate you to reach your musical goals.


The piano is one of the most popular choices for people who wants to begin their musicical journey. It’s not only easy to dive into as it doesn’t require any tuning, but it’s also a good instrument to transition from if you later decide to switch or pick up on another instrument. Playing the piano gives you a strong musical foundation, and is one of the few instruments that allows you to play the melody and the accompaniment at the same time. We will teach you the theory and technique to develop your improvisation and to express your personality through the piano.


The ukulele may just be the most charming instrument that exist in the world today. Its small size and its capability to produce natural pleasant sounds, makes it a popular choice among children. The ukulele is easier to learn than the guitar and other string instruments, and is gentler on your fingertips compared to the guitar which can cause fingerpain. Here at Musicology we will teach you how to play the ukulele so you can play all of your favourite songs to the people deareste to you. 


The bass is probably the most overlooked instrument in the music school industry, nevertheless it plays a significant role in any band. It adds depth to the guitar rift and helps the drummer establish the rhythm of the song, and more importantly it is crucial to the overall sound of the band. We will teach you the theory and technique behind the bass, and you will have the opportunity to play with other students as well, so you can really see and feel how impactful the bass can be.


The drums are considered the heartbeat of music for good reasons. Each instrument has its own key role in music, and the core of drums lies in rhythm and beats. Playing the drums will not only increase your sense of timing but also significantly develop your hand-eye coordination as well as motor skills. We will guide you through the steps of playing the drums so you are ready to play in a band should the opportunity present it self.